Tuesday, July 26, 2011

NEW! Commonly asked questions! "How to deal with overactive hip flexors"

Hi Christina,

I hope you are enjoying summer!

Yes, it is common that clients will tend towards gripping their hip flexors. Initiating from the deep pelvic floor and transverses abs prior to movement will help. This takes patience and a continual process from you of educating them on how their body needs to engage before they ever move.

Cueing from the posterior side of the body will be key as well. Heels on the bar for footwork and curing to fully stretch the leg in extension so that the insertion points of the hamstrings, all the way up at the sits bones, engage fully. Sometimes we get too caught up with not wanting to "lock" into a client's knee joints and we lose the ability for them to fully straighten their legs.

I hope this helps!

Angelie Melzer, Owner
Team Pilates

On Jul 25, 2011, at 9:39 PM,christinasauerpilates@gmail.com wrote:

Hi Angelie,
Thanks for the information. I wanted to ask you if you can help me with wrapping my brain around the hip flexors. I have a few clients that tend to be grippy. Does that eventually go away with constant cueing?

Also, I have a client who comes to class. She does 2 reformer classes a week plus a mat/springboard. She has recently gone in to her massage and PT for psoas work. I am modifying and decrease resistance for the hip flexors but is this normal. Could there be excessive wear to certain muscles if always used?
Since we do have a lot of exercises where inevitably those hip flexors kick in, how can I approach this? I'm trying to read anatomy trains and see if I can see how to approach this.
Your expertise is always appreciated.
Thank you
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