Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Inspirational Quote of the Month!
 "Be Strong.  Enjoy What You Do.  Practice Patience. Stay Positive." ~IdeaFit

5:4U Exercise Tip: Balance and Stability!

Utilizing your core is key to aligning your spine.  (Which is going to be key to your success in our new Paddling Boarding and Pilates class coming at the end of July!)  Stand with your feet directly below your pelvis as if you were about to take a step forward.  Exhale and rock to the balls of your feet as you actively zip your pubic bone and naval upward and inward.  Inhale and release back onto your heels.  Now try it with your eyes closed.  Note the differences.  Repeat this 5 times until you can successfully do it with your eyes open or closed.